Smells Like Part 2 of the Cliffhanger Challenge

In case you missed it, here is part 1

Part 2:

I pulled him close and gave him a reassuring hug and asked him, “Why was the sink plugged and running full blast with hot water while you were simultaneously taking a shower?”

He explained that he had used the stopper on the sink and started both the sink and shower running and then laid down on the bath mat and gone back to sleep.  His ingenious plan was to grab some more shuteye on the floor and then dip his head in the sink to get his hair wet and thus FAKE a shower.  No one would ever know (except possibly those of us with a sense of smell) that he hadn’t actually bathed.  When he heard the yelling and pounding on the door he instinctively jumped in the shower so he would be wet but then jumped right back out to open the door.  In his post-slumber haze, he missed the whole sink over-flowing and flooding the bathroom piece thus not shutting off either water source.

When he finally came “clean” with the story I couldn’t do anything but laugh and explain to him the lose-lose of a fake shower.  I’ve been having the nobody wins when you don’t brush your teeth debate with him for years now and I am on the lookout for that foolishness, but this one blindsided me.  I never imagined that anyone would ever want to avoid personal hygiene to such an extent that they would orchestrate this kind of a production. 

The whole thing still makes me chuckle and marvel at his ability to surprise me with the way his 12 year old mind works.  This will be a great tale to share with his wife and kids one day.  To make sure I don’t forget any of the details, I posted it on my new blog 🙂


3 thoughts on “Smells Like Part 2 of the Cliffhanger Challenge

  1. I truly laughed out loud reading this. My 6-year-old regularly lies to us about washing his hands, and when we calls him on it he smacks his head and laughs, “I was just kidding.” I’m having visions of what’s in store for the future.

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