Working mom, wife and daughter. Blessed. Finding a space “on the line” where faith, fun, professional wisdom, motherhood and a need to express myself can converge. I’m a 51 year old 25 year old whose youthful mindset does not always serve me as well as it used to. Although growing up is a concept that makes me cringe, “living smarter” sure sounds like a plan. I’m in a season of change right now and I’m looking for new ways to thrive, grow and enjoy it all versus “get through it.” I’ve figured out that life doesn’t just happen on weekends, during vacations, when I lose 20 pounds or when all the boxes are unpacked. Life happens all day every day.


7 thoughts on “About

    • The picture was taken after I had to get a pedicure in the middle of winter to prep for a tropical vacation (first world problem!). It was a short sting in the snow but I couldn’t resist snapping a shot of my tootsies!

  1. I enjoy your blog and nominated it for the Sunshine Award. 🙂 I can’t tell if you have received this before and am new to doing much more with blogging than writing out my own nonsense for self gratification. But, community is important in blogging and I am happy to have added you to my list of followed blogs. Take care!

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